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    Design Considerations for Office Lighting

    design considerations office lighting

    October 10th, 2023

    There are several key factors that must be considered while designing or updating any office space, and lighting is at or near the top of any such list. From safety and liability concepts to basic themes like employee productivity and office…

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    Transitioning Into a Modern Office Design

    transitioning modern office design

    September 12th, 2023

    There are several ways in which businesses may be looking to modernize themselves, and one that cannot be ignored in many settings is office design and layout. Especially for office spaces or businesses that have been around for many years and may…

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    Using Office Furniture to Boost Employee Wellbeing

    office furniture employee wellbeing

    July 11th, 2023

    More and more in recent years, employers of all shapes and sizes are placing greater emphasis on the wellbeing of their employees. Happy employees are more productive, as they say, and there are several ways of improving employee wellness on a…

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    Optimizing Your Office’s Open Floor Layout

    optimizing office open floor

    June 13th, 2023

    There are several concepts that have exploded in popularity when it comes to office design in the last decade or so, and one of the most well-known is the open floor layout. More and more businesses have realized the numerous benefits of using open floor plans rather than those with tons of walls and cubicles sectioning areas off, and there are several ways to go about this. 

    At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re happy to offer a wide range of modern office furniture planning, pieces and installation services for clients around Salt Lake City, including those looking to optimize an open floor plan of any kind. Here are some general tips we can offer on how to maximize the positive impact of your office’s open floor layout.

    optimizing office open floor

    Versatile, Mobile Partitions

    Even in an open office layout, you’ll still need some basic barriers and partitions for various uses – and a great approach here is to use mobile, versatile partitions. A great benefit of open offices is that they can be configured in various ways to suit specific needs – and you’ll want a range of flexible office dividers on hand to help quickly shift the layout when needed.

    For instance, think about options like plant walls, or fabric room dividers that offer up a great aesthetic while still providing a sense of privacy – and can be moved around with relative ease.

    Ensure Privacy is Still Attainable

    Open-floor offices are fantastic for improving collaboration and team unity, but it’s important to remember that privacy is still necessary in some cases. Open floor plans can make noise and distraction a real issue, so it’s important to think about how you plan on providing privacy areas for meetings or sensitive work that requires significant focus.

    One way to approach this is to look into smart office design solutions like acoustic pods, which provide a private space – but still allow easy access to the rest of the office. You might also think about softer office furniture setups, such as comfortable couches and chairs in quiet corners to offer a more relaxed work environment.

    Incorporate Sufficient Technology

    Technology is an absolute must-have for any modern businesses – and open offices are no exception. It’s important to think about how you plan on incorporating technology into your open floor layout, since such decisions can have a major impact on workflow and collaboration. Try to ensure that any particular piece of technology (e.g. a computer or printer) is easily accessible to everyone in the office, and that there aren’t too many cables cluttering up the space.

    Limiting Clutter

    One risk that must be addressed when considering an open floor layout is that of clutter. It’s easy for messy desks or piles of books and paperwork to start building up, which can lead to a chaotic environment – so steps should be taken to try and combat this. Think about clever storage solutions such as lockers, or even creative wall hangers for coats and other items.

    In other cases, it’s often a good idea to consider a general clean-desk policy – this can be an effective way of preventing clutter from building up, while also creating some discipline and ensuring everyone follows the same standards in terms of cleanliness.

    Grouping Collaborative Spaces Near One Another

    As you plan out the layout of your open office, it’s important to think about how people work and collaborate within the space. Try to group collaborative areas (e.g. desks for meetings or brainstorming sessions) close together – this can help promote collaboration and communication, since team members don’t have to wander across the entire office in order to meet up.

    Additionally, it’s also a good idea to consider the comfort of your employees – be sure there are plenty of areas with comfortable seating and tables available throughout the office, since these can often be great spots for casual get-togethers or impromptu meetings.

    Ensure Quality Meeting Areas

    Meetings will always be part of the corporate life – and if your open floor plan is going to work, then you’ll want to ensure there’s enough room for everyone. Meeting areas should be easy to access, and free from distractions or noise; soundproof walls can often be a great solution here.

    If possible, look into special furniture pieces such as swivel chairs or tables that can be adjusted to fit the shape of the room.

    Open floor plans have become incredibly popular in recent years due to the numerous benefits they provide – but it’s important to think about how you plan on setting up your office space in order to get the most out of this setup. Consider options like plant walls or acoustic pods for privacy, as well as clever storage solutions to limit clutter and comfortable seating areas for casual meetings. Lastly, ensure there are enough quality meeting areas to facilitate larger gatherings – this will help promote collaboration amongst team members. With a bit of planning, you’ll be able to make the most out of an open floor layout!

    At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we specialize in helping businesses of all kinds plan and implement their open office layouts. From soundproof walls to clever storage solutions, we have everything you need for a successful open floor layout – contact us today for a free consultation for our services around SLC.

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    Value of Experience and Knowledge in Furniture Installation

    experience knowledge furniture installation

    May 9th, 2023

    There are a number of industries and service areas where experience and industry knowledge make a big difference, and one of the best examples here is within office furniture installation. Whether for large, detailed offices, smaller spaces or anything in between, having professional furniture installers who are both experienced and knowledgeable in this industry tends to go a long way. 

    At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re here to serve this vital role. We offer professional furniture installation services for any office in Salt Lake City, these just one part of our broader office furniture solutions that also include themes like space planning, recycling and more. Here are some of the key reasons why working with experienced, qualified professionals for your furniture installation needs is important.

    experience knowledge furniture installation

    Furniture is a Major Investment

    First and foremost, from a broad standpoint, furniture is a major investment for any business. Not only can it be costly in terms of the initial purchase, but it also has an effect on employee productivity and morale, as well as on a workplace’s aesthetic appeal.

    It’s important not to just think of furniture investments in terms of raw dollars, but also in terms of their value to the company and its employees. For instance, employees who are comfortable and feel like their work environment is aesthetically pleasing are often more engaged and productive.

    Furniture Installation is Complex

    In addition to the importance of furniture investments, it’s also critical to understand just how complex furniture installation can be in some cases. From making sure that furniture fits into a room properly, to ensuring that electrical equipment and other components are properly installed, to making sure that all hardware is in place and working, there’s a lot that can go into any furniture installation.

    That means it’s vital to have professional installers who not only understand the specific details of the task at hand, but also know how to best handle potential problems or issues that may come up. If you’re looking to install furniture yourself, it’s important to understand that there may be a learning curve, and with valuable items like office furniture, mistakes can end up being costly.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    The phrase “practice makes perfect” has its roots in the ancient world, and it holds true today. When it comes to furniture installation, an experienced professional can make a big difference for any project.

    For instance, at Premier Office Design & Furniture, our team of installers have decades of combined experience in the office furniture industry and know how to best handle any situation that may arise during an installation. This can make a major difference in terms of the time it takes to complete a project, as well as its overall quality and reliability.

    Preventing Furniture-Related Liability Issues

    While furniture installation is often associated with aesthetic considerations, there are also important safety considerations to take into account. For example, any electrical components must be installed properly and securely in order to avoid potential liability issues such as electrical shock or fire hazards.

    Professional installers understand the importance of these responsibilities and also have access to the specialized tools that may be necessary for the job. This helps ensure that your furniture installation is done properly and safely the first time around.

    Speed Factors

    In some cases, businesses need their furniture installation jobs completed quickly for various reasons – whether it’s because of a tight timeline or other considerations. In such cases, having experienced professionals on the job is invaluable.

    Our team knows how to prioritize and handle tasks quickly and efficiently in order to get projects done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. This level of experience and knowledge can be very valuable when it comes to meeting deadlines or accommodating other time-sensitive concerns.

    How to Find the Ideal Installer

    Here are some general tips on how to ensure your installer is experienced and knowledgeable before starting any furniture installation project:

    • Check for references: Ask potential installers for references or past projects they’ve completed and review them. This can help you get a better idea of the installer’s level of experience and quality of work.
    • Ask questions: Make sure to ask any potential installers questions about their experience, how long they’ve been in the business, what types of furniture they’ve installed before, and any other questions you have.
    • Verify credentials: It’s important to verify the qualifications and credentials of potential installers in order to ensure that you’re getting a qualified professional for your job.

    By partnering with experienced professionals who understand the complexities of furniture installation, businesses can ensure that their projects are completed safely, quickly and to the highest standards.

    At Premier Office Design & Furniture, our team of experienced installers understands these factors and work diligently to make sure your furniture is installed properly from start to finish. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your office furniture project anywhere in SLC.

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    Basics and Features of Minimalist Office Designs

    features minimalist office designs

    March 14th, 2023

    There are several concepts that continue to become more popular in various areas of the design world, and one that’s quite well-known in most circles by this point is minimalism. Involving a desire to limit clutter and keep things simple, minimalism can be applied in many settings, including within office design. At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re happy to offer a comprehensive range of office furniture solutions, including everything from consultations and space planning to furniture installation, furniture recycling and more. We’ve assisted many clients who are looking for a minimalist theme, whether for part of their office or as their overarching concept throughout the entire space. What exactly does minimalism refer to within the office design realm, and what are some common features that are often utilized within it? Let’s have a look.features minimalist office designs

    Understanding Minimalism in Office Design

    Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with minimalism in general, it can best be described as an approach to design that seeks to create a space with the least amount of elements or designs possible. This means simplifying the overall aesthetic and avoiding clutter, while still creating a space that looks attractive and inviting.In an office setting, this often translates into using clean lines, plain colors, and sparse decorative pieces such as artwork or sculptures. This can be particularly helpful when creating a professional atmosphere that’s focused on productivity, as well as creating a space that’s visually pleasing without being overbearing.What are some common features or concepts regularly used in minimalist office designs? Our next several sections will go over these.

    Desk Setups

    In many cases, one of the defining features of a minimalistic office design is the desks and cubicles. This usually involves using simple, streamlined designs with clean lines and neutral colors such as white or grey.Desks may also be paired with chairs in similar styles — often of the ergonomic variety — as well as shelves and cabinets to provide additional storage space without compromising on simplicity. Some desks may also have integrated features such as LED lights or charging docks, which can be useful in certain settings.

    Desk Clusters

    Down related lines, minimalist office designs are often based around productive uses of space and efficient layouts. This can translate into desk clusters, where groups of desks are set up in a way that maximizes usable space without making it appear cluttered or disorganized.This is also useful for businesses that often collaborate on projects, as it allows multiple people to work together while still maintaining their own spaces. Desk clusters can be arranged in many different ways, from straight lines to more creative designs such as circles or hexagons.

    Lighting Solutions

    As with any kind of design, lighting plays an important role in creating the desired atmosphere and ambiance in a minimalistic office setting. The typical minimalist office will usually avoid overly flashy fixtures and instead opt for clean, modern lighting solutions that don’t detract from the overall look and feel of the space.This might include modern pendant lights, or track lighting for areas where more illumination is needed. Additionally, natural light can be used as a key part of a minimalist office design — large windows or skylights can help create an airy atmosphere while still avoiding unnecessary clutter.

    Seating Options

    One common misconception with minimalist office design is that it leads to uncomfortable furniture, and seating is often an issue raised here. In reality, though, minimalist offices can have seating options that are just as comfortable and stylish as their more traditional counterparts.For example, leather armchairs or lounge chairs can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in an office without overwhelming the room with too much furniture. Similarly, benches and sofas can provide comfortable places for people to sit while still maintaining a sense of modern minimalism.

    Utilizing Partitions and Walls

    Another important element of minimalist office design is the use of partitions and walls. These not only provide a sense of privacy, but can also be helpful in delineating different parts of the workspace.Depending on your preferences, you can opt for transparent materials such as glass or opaque ones like fabric or wood. This will depend largely on how much privacy and sound insulation you want, as well as the overall look and feel of the office.Using these various elements in your minimalist office design can help create a professional atmosphere that’s both productive and pleasing to the eye. By implementing simple but effective design ideas, you can make sure your office is both functional and stylish at the same time.For more here, or to learn about any of our office design or office furniture solutions, speak to our team at Premier Office Design & Furniture today.

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    Determining a Great Color Scheme for Your Office Design

    color scheme office design

    February 14th, 2023

    There are several important factors to think about when designing an office space, and one of the single most vital is color scheme. Color has an impact on more than you might think within a given setting, especially one like an office where productivity is such a big deal, and there are several ways to infuse various colors into your design effectively. At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re happy to offer a wide range of office design services and products, ensuring your office has all the materials needed to make daily operations comfortable and productive. Here’s a look at some of the ways color can impact an office space, plus a dive into how you might utilize certain colors in your office depending on your needs.color scheme office design

    Impact of Color in the Office

    While some people may mistakenly believe that color is just chosen randomly or makes very little impact on a given office, the truth is quite the opposite. Color can have a huge impact on an office environment and some colors can even be used to boost productivity (or certain areas within the office).For instance, productivity areas are often impacted in far greater ways than you might have imagined due to the colors of their walls and furniture, so you can use various colors in that area to help increase motivation and productivity. The concept of color psychology is based on the idea that colors evoke certain feelings and emotions, so by utilizing specific colors in areas such as productivity centers, you can help drive your workers to greater heights.Essentially, it’s extremely important for office designers to consider how their choices of color may impact a given area. Our upcoming sections will go over some common office colors and how to consider them from this standpoint.

    Boosting Creativity and Mood With Yellow, Orange and Red Hues

    One color area that can be especially helpful when increasing productivity and overall mood within an office is yellow, orange, and red hues. These colors are often associated with happiness and creativity, so having them in the right areas of your office can really help boost motivation and energy levels.This could include adding vibrant accents throughout the office or using these colors as main walls in important areas, such as conference rooms or brainstorming centers. In addition to this, you can also utilize colors such as yellow and oranges together in patterns or other designs to create a more visually stimulating environment that encourages creativity and idea generation.

    Soothing With Blue and Green Colors

    In many offices, themes like stability and trustworthiness can be extremely important, and if you’re looking to achieve such a look then colors like blues and greens can help. These colors tend to evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquil emotions, so by having them in the office, your employees will feel much more relaxed yet also productive.Blue, for instance, is known for promoting concentration, communication, and even loyalty, so having it in areas such as break rooms or team-oriented spaces can help set the tone for those departments. Green is also an excellent choice, often associated with growth, renewal, and peacefulness. This color can be especially helpful when used in places that are meant to invoke calm emotions and feelings of tranquility such as conference rooms or cafeterias.By utilizing these colors effectively in an office setting, you can help create a more conducive environment that is sure to have a positive impact on employee morale and productivity levels.

    Purple or Darker Hues

    Purple is a color that can vary a bit more in terms of how it’s perceived, and can be used in a few different ways in the office. It’s often considered a “focused” color that helps to promote feelings of luxury and sophistication, but it can also be used to create a more darkened environment.This is especially useful in areas such as cubicles or offices where people need to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by too much color. Darker hues like purples, blues, greens, and browns can all be effective choices in such settings and can help to create a more calming atmosphere.


    Finally, one set of color hues to never gloss over in any office space is the neutrals. Not only do they provide a perfect backdrop for any type of office furniture, but they are also incredibly versatile when it comes to design aesthetic.Neutrals like whites, greys, and tans can all be effective in offices as they allow you to add more vibrant colors elsewhere without overwhelming the entire space. They also provide a sense of balance to the area, allowing you to mix different colors and tones while still maintaining a cohesive look throughout.There are many ways in which color can be used effectively in an office setting, and each one has its own impact on productivity and morale. By considering common office colors such as yellows, oranges, blues, greens, purples and neutrals in the overall design scheme, you can help create an environment that is conducive to productivity and creativity.For more on this, or to learn about any of our office design or office furniture services, speak to the team at Premier Office Design & Furniture today.

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    Role of Furniture in Inclusive Office Designs

    furniture inclusive office designs

    February 11th, 2023

    Both for moral and reputational reasons, there’s been a huge push among offices and other business buildings to improve inclusivity within their walls. Creating a workplace that’s inclusive to everyone, including people with disabilities or daily obstacles, is very important – and the kind of furniture design setup you utilize often plays a key role here. At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re here to offer a wide range of office furniture services for clients around Salt Lake City, including space planning, furniture installation, furniture recycling and more. We’ve assisted numerous clients with improving inclusivity in their offices, and we know exactly the kinds of approaches that are optimal here. Let’s look at the challenges those with disabilities may face in the workplace, why inclusivity is vital for helping them through these challenges, and how the right office furniture can be helpful in this inclusive office designs

    Challenges People With Disabilities Face in the Workplace

    As an employer or office manager, it’s essential to recognize the types of challenges people with disabilities may face in a work environment. These are often related to physical and mental disabilities, as well as daily obstacles such as hearing difficulties or vision impairments. Common challenges here include:
    • Limited access to information: Those who have difficulty reading standard documents or comprehending spoken instructions may not be able to access the same information as their co-workers.
    • Physical obstacles: For those who use wheelchairs or need other assistive devices, physical barriers such as steps or hard-to-reach furniture can limit their ability to move around the office.
    • Difficulty communicating: People with hearing and vision impairments may find it difficult to communicate with their co-workers or effectively take part in meetings.
    • Sensory issues: For those with sensory processing issues, the office environment may present too much stimuli or bright lights that can be overwhelming. Noise sensitivity, for instance, can make it hard for people to focus.

    Why Inclusivity Matters

    It’s essential for businesses to recognize and understand these challenges, as they can create a major disadvantage for those with disabilities. Not only is this unfair on an individual level, but it can also affect the productivity of the entire office and drag down the morale of other employees. By creating an inclusive workplace, it’s possible to improve the overall working environment and ensure everyone is able to work seamlessly together – regardless of any physical or mental challenges they may be facing.There are also legal and reputational reasons why inclusivity matters. Employers are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities – and by not doing so, they can be liable for fines or even legal repercussions. On a reputational level, this is also very important: customers and clients are likely to recognize if your office is creating an inclusive environment or not – so it’s worthwhile to make sure that your office is as inclusive as possible.

    How Furniture Can Help

    The right furniture setup can be a huge help when it comes to creating a more inclusive workplace. Here are some key tips for setting up furniture in an office:
    • Increase accessibility: Look out for obstacles such as steps or platforms, as these can make it difficult for those with disabilities to move around. Consider investing in more accessible furniture, such as lower tables or adjustable chairs.
    • Make sure everyone has the same access: Make sure that all staff members have an equal opportunity to access documents and other items stored within the office. Invest in storage systems that are easy for everyone to reach.
    • Install assistive technology: For those with hearing impairments or vision impairments, consider installing the necessary assistive technologies that can help them do their job better. This may include speech-recognition software or magnifying tools for the visually impaired.
    • Consider acoustics: For those with difficulty hearing or sensory issues, consider installing soundproofing in the office. This can help reduce any distracting noises and make it easier for people to focus on their work.

    Many Inclusive Elements Benefit Everyone

    Furthermore, the type of furniture you choose for your office can also be beneficial to all employees – not just those with disabilities or daily obstacles. For instance, ergonomic chairs and desks make it easier for everyone to stay comfortable during long work hours. In addition, adjustable furniture allows everyone to customize their work environment according to their own preferences.By creating an inclusive workplace with the right furniture setup, you can ensure everyone in your office is able to work comfortably and productively – no matter what obstacles they may face. In turn, this will create a better working environment for all of your staff and help improve the reputation of your business.For more here, or to learn about any of our office furniture products or design services for clients around SLC, speak to our team at Premier Office Design & Furniture today.

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