Transitioning Into a Modern Office Design

There are several ways in which businesses may be looking to modernize themselves, and one that cannot be ignored in many settings is office design and layout. Especially for office spaces or businesses that have been around for many years and may have originally been set up in a different time period and with differing needs, but even for newer companies as well, modernizing office design can go a long way toward several major areas of success.

At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we’re here to assist businesses around Salt Lake City with all their office furniture needs, from space planning and design elements to furniture installation, recycling and more. We’ve helped numerous clients transition from older office setups into a more modern design concept, and we’ll be happy to do the same for you. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to modernize your office design, plus some simple ways of doing so that don’t necessarily involve a massive (and expensive) facelift to all your furniture pieces.

transitioning modern office design

Why Modernizing Office Design Matters

Firstly, before we get into the details of how to modernize an office design, it’s important to consider why it matters in the first place. A modern office design can help create a productive and welcoming working environment for employees and visitors alike, while also helping businesses make the most of their existing space.

It could be as simple as adding extra storage solutions or more ergonomic seating options for employees, or as complex as completely refitting an entire office suite. However, the overall goal should be to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to productivity. Modernizing office design can also help businesses stay up-to-date with current trends in technology and furniture pieces, ensuring they remain competitive in their market.

How can you go about this? Some simple tips will follow.

Increases in Open and Collaborative Spaces

One of the largest modern trends in office design is the notion of open and collaborative spaces. Open offices are becoming increasingly popular among businesses, as they allow for easier collaboration between teams while also helping to reduce costs by eliminating the need for walls or dividers. As an added bonus, these spaces can often be more visually appealing than traditional cubicle-style arrangements.

As you’re looking to promote more collaboration between your teams, consider incorporating open office designs whenever possible. Create designated meeting areas that are free from distractions and offer comfortable seating, or look into ways of maximizing natural light within the space.

Ergonomics for a More Comfortable Office Space

Another major factor in modern office design is ergonomics. Ergonomic furniture pieces such as adjustable desks, chairs, and keyboard trays can help employees remain comfortable while working, reducing the risk of injury and helping to boost productivity. Incorporating ergonomic design elements into your office layout can go a long way toward creating an inviting atmosphere that will encourage employees to stay productive.

In addition to traditional furniture pieces, consider adding accessories such as standing desks or footrests to your office setup. This can help to improve the overall ergonomics of the workspace and ensure that employees are comfortable while working for longer periods of time.

Natural Lighting

One final area that businesses should consider when looking to modernize their office design is natural lighting. Incorporating as much natural light into the space as possible can help create a more inviting atmosphere, while also helping to reduce energy costs and improve worker productivity. Whenever possible, try to locate work areas near windows or incorporate skylights in order to introduce natural light into the workspace.

Even if you don’t have access to natural lighting, adding task lighting such as floor and desk lamps can also help create a more pleasant work environment. The goal should be to provide employees with enough light to see clearly while also providing an inviting atmosphere that will motivate them to remain productive.

Rounding Edges

From a conceptual standpoint, a modern office design should focus on providing employees with an inviting atmosphere. That’s why one of the most important elements to consider when looking to modernize your office layout is rounding edges. By introducing rounded walls, furniture or other elements into the workspace, you can help create a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for employees to work in.

This type of design element can also be used to divide up the office space in a more aesthetically pleasing way, without actually having to install walls or dividers. In addition, it can help create a sense of flow and openness within the workspace that’s both visually appealing and conducive to productivity.

At Premier Office Design & Furniture, we understand how important modernizing office design is for businesses today. Whether you’re looking to refit an entire office suite or simply want to make some subtle design changes, we’ll be happy to help guide you towards the perfect solutions for your space and budget. Contact us today to get started on creating a more modern, productive, and welcoming work environment for your SLC office space.