Why Office Design Matters for Every Workplace

Office design isn’t just about creating an attractive business space. The furniture and decorating choices you make also have a significant impact on employee productivity and creativity.

Whether you’re redoing your workplace or outfitting a new office, careful planning and attention to detail are key to creating an efficient space. For a productive work environment and happy employees, consider the following elements in your office design.

Utah office design and space planning


To create an efficient workplace, you need to make everything convenient. People need ample space to move around, and no areas should be difficult to access. Equipment and supplies that get frequent use must be completely free of obstructions. If your office design is cramped, overcrowded or awkward in any way, your employees won’t be able to produce their best work in a timely manner.


Employee comfort is also absolutely essential. If your office furniture is uncomfortable or ill-suited for the chosen purpose, workplace productivity will certainly suffer. With the right desks, cubicles, work chairs, lounge seating, storage pieces and collaborative furniture – whatever your particular business requires — your employees will be much better able to focus on their goals.

Color Palette

Neutral shades might make decorating easier, but going too bland with the color can hinder employee productivity. Shades of beige, gray and white tend to bring on feelings of depression, while vibrant colors have a stimulating effect. Red draws attention and invokes passion, and yellow triggers innovation, optimism and creativity. For work that requires efficiency and focus, calming blue and restful green are good choices.

Office Décor

When designing your office space, don’t forget the decorative accessories – otherwise, the workplace will always have an unfinished appearance. Be careful with your selections, however, as you need to showcase your business personality while also minimizing distractions. And depending upon the type of work your employees do, personal décor items can either be inspiring or divert attention from the tasks at hand.

Make the Most of Your Office Design

Creating an attractive and productive work environment isn’t a simple, straightforward process. You can hire a professional interior designer, of course, but getting their help can be rather costly. A better option? Choose an office furniture supplier who offers free space planning and design assistance.

Premier Office Designs & Furniture, based in northern Utah, provides these services at no cost with any purchase. Our expert team can help you optimize any office space in the state or the surrounding Intermountain West region.

To browse our vast selection of high-quality new, refurbished and used office furniture, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Premier Office Designs & Furniture today.


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