When Choosing Office Cubicles Consider These 5 Factors

Finding the right office cubicles is important for any business, as the selection of workstations can affect employee happiness and productivity.

Whether you need to outfit a small business space or an entire office building, choosing cubicles can be a challenge. Turning to a local furniture that offers complimentary space planning and design service – like Premier Office Designs & Furniture – can make your decision easier.

Are you in the market for office cubicles? Before you start shopping, consider the following key factors.

When Choosing Office Cubicles Consider These 5 Factors

No. 1: Office Space

To select workstations that fit well in your office – and that don’t disrupt the flow of the space – you’ll need to take accurate room measurements. This information will determine which workstation configurations might be appropriate and how many cubicles can be comfortably placed within the business space.

No. 2: Employee Needs

The best office cubicles for a business are those that meet the everyday needs of the employees. Before making your selections, think about how people actually complete their work. Do they need peace and privacy? Would extra storage or filing space be beneficial? Figuring out how the workstations need to be used will help you narrow down your options.

No. 3: Office Style

Though function may be one of your key concerns in choosing cubicles, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. New, used and refurbished workstations come in a wide range of colors and designs. Consider your business style before you start shopping and you’ll have an easier time making a selection.

No. 4: Budget Constraints

Every business – even those with limited furniture budgets — can have a beautiful office space outfitted with stylish workstations. New office cubicles might not be as costly as you expect. And, if buying new is a bit out of reach, a surprising number of attractive refurbished and used options are available. Tell your local furniture supplier your budget to see the workstations that can work for your business.

No. 5: Project Timeline

Is your timeline for workstation installation flexible? Or do you need office cubicles as soon as possible? A local furniture supplier, dedicated to serving businesses within the region, can help you find the right cubicles and get them installed within your time frame.

Ready to shop for office cubicles? If you’re outfitting a business in Utah or the surrounding Intermountain Wests states, the professionals at Premier Office Designs & Furniture can help you find the perfect used, new or refurbished workstations.

A well-known regional industry leader, Premier Office Designs & Furniture offers free space planning and installation with every purchase. Along with cubicles, we also offer an extensive selection of executive desks, task chairs, lounge seating, collaborative furniture and much more – basically all the furniture any business could need.

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