Use Office Furniture Design to Create a Team Environment​

Office furniture design and layout may not come immediately to mind when you think about teamwork and cohesion in the workplace – but maybe it should.

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, companies must leverage the power of collaboration and a team environment to gain the advantage over competitors. Before spending a fortune on organizational consultants to improve your staff’s productivity, take a look at the physical office environment.

Maybe all you need to accomplish your goals is an office furniture update.

Today’s Workplace Thrives on Teamwork

Together, work teams are much more powerful than their individual parts. That’s why U.S. companies spend more than $230 billion each year on management consultants to improve the productivity and effectiveness of work teams. But, before you spend upwards of $375 per hour on a team performance expert, take a good look around your office.

Employees interact with their coworkers based on their mutual goals. However, the research shows that the quality of their interaction is influenced significantly by how their workspaces are arranged. Arranging staff seating to improve both planned and impromptu communication can clearly improve teamwork and productivity.

But, despite this positive influence, employees also need quiet, uninterrupted time to produce quality work. So how can you use your office furniture to create workstation layouts that serve both purposes?

Use Office Furniture and Space Planning to Create a Productive Environment

A few years ago, progressive, forward-thinking organizations tried employee seating experiments ranging from totally open workspaces to non-assigned workstations. Most companies found that these unconventional arrangements provided many benefits but a fair amount of drawbacks as well.

Today, commercial space planners know that the answer for most companies is a blend of traditional and non-traditional office furniture configurations.

In other words, when designing your office layout, it’s important to arrange the desks, cubicles or workstations in a way that facilitates collaboration and communication, but also provides each staff member with an area that fulfills their needs for personal workspace.

Customizing Office Furniture Layouts for Productivity

Commercial space planners understand both the individual needs and social factors that create a productive work environment. Office furniture layouts that facilitate team collaboration must be balanced with the needs of individual team members.

However, because every company faces unique space challenges and budgetary constraints, the effective selection and layout office furnishings requires a profound understanding of organizational goals.

To solve this complex puzzle, Premier Office Design & Furniture starts by developing an understanding of your company goals, processes and unique needs. Our experienced space planners put this knowledge to work to help you create an innovative environment where productivity and empowerment can thrive.

Sure, you could order your new or used commercial furnishings online or from a big-box warehouse. But, for about the same price, you can take advantage of our extensive experience and complimentary space and furniture planning services. We provide exceptional customer service to companies throughout Utah. Contact Premier Office Design today to request your personal office furniture estimate and space planning consultation.

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