Use Office Desk & Workstation Layouts to Enhance Productivity

Your office desks and workstations do much more than provide a place for employees to sit.


Your staff spends many hours each week in the office, at their desks or workstations, doing their part to make your business successful. And while the overall layout of your office can help create a collaborative, team environment, the layout of each cubicle or workstation holds the key to individual employee productivity.

workstation desk layout

Why Office Desk & Workstation Layout Is Important

When your staff has a comfortable and efficient environment in which to work, employee job satisfaction and engagement increase. With those factors comes increased productivity.

If the environment is not optimized for these goals, your staff can become restless and unhappy in their jobs – even though they may not realize the reasons for these feelings. Boredom, restlessness and discomfort lead to discontent. And discontent, in turn, decreases productivity. Absenteeism and turnover increase and your bottom line feels the effects.

Use Space Planning for Optimal Office Desk & Workstation Placement

The way your office space lays out matters for collaboration but it also matters for individual performance. If you’ve ever had a workstation situated too close to the office kitchen or the printer, you know what we mean.

As much as your team may need to work together on certain projects, each employee must have the right personal space to create good work. This requires placing office desks, workstations and cubicles in a way that minimizes noise and distraction.

Employees also require a degree of privacy in their workspace. Effective space planning ensures that they aren’t constantly looking over their shoulder to see who’s behind them or becoming distracted by poor traffic patterns through the office.

Create the Ideal Workstation with Cubicles or Dividers

Freestanding office desks alone leave employees too exposed. This arrangement also fails to provide the necessary resources for storage and organization. Using low-walled cubicles or divider panels combines the best aspects of a private office with the advantages of a bullpen type layout, without the negative aspects of either arrangement.

Cubicles allow both privacy and communication but the soft-surface materials absorb much of the noise typically associated with an open space. They also make it easy to reconfigure your space as the need arises.

This approach to office desks and workstations also allows you to customize each employee’s layout. Depending on the staffer’s needs, you can create a cockpit (wraparound) setup, allowing easy access to computer, phone and any other resources needed. By adding accessories such as bookshelves, file cabinets and storage drawers, your employees can create the ideal layout to suit their needs and minimize repetitive strain injuries.

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