Try Benching for a Flexible, Productive Office Layout

Your office layout is so much more than just the way your cubicles and workstations are laid out.

The chances are good that your business – like most U.S. businesses today – is short on space in your office or facility. So, it makes sense that you want to make the most of every square foot. But you also need to maximize your team’s creativity and productivity.

benching office layout

Using a benching approach to your office layout can provide an effective means of accomplishing both of these goals.

What Is a Benching Office Layout?

This strangely named type of office layout uses space planning and office furniture to create a zone or “neighborhood” for each of your company’s work teams. This layout promotes flexibility and mobility while providing each team member with access to power, storage and a “home base” from which to work.

Team members sit at the bench, a large table-based solution customized with panels, removable dividers and storage components. The dividers easily go up or down whenever team members want to collaborate, share information or work independently.

Office and workstation configuration options are virtually limitless, and are tailored to the specific processes and workflows of the organization and the team.

What Are the Advantages of Benching?

Using this approach to your office layout allows you to maximize space while improving productivity and workflow.

By placing your work teams in a bench configuration, they can easily hold a quick meeting or day-long work session without ever leaving their desks. This cuts down on the need for conference rooms – which are nothing more than wasted space about 95 percent of the time. This office layout also cuts down on the lost time and disruption involved with moving to a meeting room and back.

And, when team members need time to work on their own, the benching arrangement provides them an appropriate level of privacy and quiet.

Can the Benching Office Layout Benefit Your Company?

Benching office layouts provide significant flexibility for the organization. Because these workstations and furnishings can be quickly and easily reconfigured, they will transition with your company through periods of growth and realignment.

Available in both seated and standing versions, bench-oriented workstations provide your staff with a sense of place and belonging that transitions naturally between group and individual efforts. The flexibility to customize individual workstations allows each team member to create the setup that works best for their personality and functional needs.

Finally, benching office layouts are highly scalable. This gives you the freedom to purchase exactly what your office needs today, but easily add on when your needs expand.

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