Standing Office Desks: Should You Consider Them?

Standing office desks – which allow employees to perform a desk-based job while standing up instead of sitting in a chair – are a contentious topic of conversation for employers as well as the commercial office furniture industry.


It’s trendy right now to make the move from sitting to standing in the office, based on the purported risks of sitting for too many hours during the day.

As an employer, is this a trend you should follow?

What Are Standing Office Desks?

The purpose of stand-up office desks is to allow workers to get out of their chairs for some or all of the workday.

Office furniture manufacturers offer a variety of designs, including fixed and adjustable height standing desks and convertible models that allow employees to easily transition between sitting and standing throughout the day.

As these office furnishings become more popular, more options are appearing on the market. So far, the most functional convertible models carry a high price tag. You can, however, purchase less expensive desktop platforms that convert to allow the employee to stand or sit.

Companies from small to large have begun adopting these desks for their staff. But, even if you don’t have new office furniture in the budget this year, is this something that you must do for your staff?

Do You Really Need Standing Desks for Your Staff?

You may have seen the headlines equating the risks of a sedentary lifestyle with the risks of smoking. Studies have linked prolonged sitting to an increased risk of breast cancer, increased BMI and decreased mental well-being.

Does this mean you’re killing your staff slowly if you don’t get them into a standing office desk?

Harvard researchers want to reassure you that you are NOT harming your staff if you don’t offer standing desks. According to their research, standing for three hours burns about 24 calories more than sitting for the same period of time – about the number of calories contained in a small carrot.

What does help to offset the detrimental health effects of sitting is getting up and going for a 30-minute walk during lunch.

Nevertheless, many employers and employees are making the choice to adopt standing or convertible (sitting and standing options) office desks in the workplace.

How to Choose Standing Office Desks

If you would like to make the transition to standing office desks, make sure you do your homework first. The biggest challenge related to stand-up desks is choosing the right design.

Because this is arguably the “it” trend in commercial furnishings today, the market is glutted with poorly designed, low-quality versions – many of which are sold at a premium price.

The best way to ensure you’re getting a usable design and guaranteed performance is to trust your commercial office furniture consultant.

Here at Premier Office Designs & Furniture, we are receiving inquiries about convertible or stand-up desks almost daily. We can help you select the models that best fit your needs and size requirements without breaking the budget. Contact us today for all of your new, used and refurbished office furniture needs, including standing office desks.

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