Reasons to Choose Refurbished Office Furniture

Why should you consider refurbished office furniture over brand new pieces?

It isn’t uncommon to be unsure about buying pre-owned furniture, but the refurbishing process takes used products and makes them like new in both looks and functionality. When you purchase refurbished pieces, you won’t get furniture that’s seen better days – quite the opposite, in fact.

Still have doubts? Here’s why refurbished office furniture is a smart choice.

Why refurbished office furniture is a wise investment

Outstanding Quality

Refurbishing office furniture involves more than simply cleaning the pieces. Experts closely examine each item from every angle, looking for visual flaws like dings and scratches. Functionality is put to the test as well – the operation of every drawer and door is thoroughly inspected.

Once the defects have been identified, they’re fixed. The wood is refinished, new drawer tracks are installed, the upholstery is replaced – whatever it takes to return the furniture to exceptional condition. Choose refurbished pieces, and you can count on quality.

Vast Selection

Think you’ll have to sacrifice style if you purchase refurbished furniture? Not so – you can find pieces to meet any preference. Countless businesses send their old pieces for refurbishing when they redo their office spaces, so the style options are nearly endless.

What’s more, many of the refurnished furniture pieces you’ll see are from high-end brands. These are premium, top-of-the-line products that can give your office an upscale look without requiring a hefty investment.


Looking to do your part to protect the environment? Refurbished furniture is a green option, as every piece is recycled, upgraded and given a second life instead of going to the landfill.

And, you can use the fact that your office furniture is eco-friendly in marketing. Customers frequently prefer businesses that care about sustainability, and advertising your commitment to going green could work to your advantage.

Lower Cost

We saved the biggest benefit of choosing refurbished furniture for last – the cost. Staying within your budget is no doubt extremely important, and if you opt for refurbished pieces instead of new office furniture, you’ll save a great deal of money.

How much can you save? Generally speaking, you’ll cut your costs by about 30 to 50 percent by purchasing refurbished pieces. As a result, you’ll be able to fill your office space with exactly what you need and stay within budget.

Have we convinced you to choose refurbished office furniture? If your business is located in Utah or the nearby Intermountain West states, Premier Office Designs & Furniture can help you find the perfect pieces to outfit your workplace.

At Premier Office Designs & Furniture, we also offer expert installation service and assistance with office space planning, free of charge with any purchase. To schedule a consultation, or to browse our impressive selection and options for refurbished office furniture, contact us today.

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