Office Space Planning: How to Make the Most of a Small Workplace

Are you stuck with a small workplace? With effective office space planning, you can maximize the use of every square inch and have a more comfortable work environment. As a result, you’ll enjoy better productivity – and your office will appeal to employees, investors and clients.

To make the best use of your small workplace, consider these strategies from the experienced professionals at Premier Office Designs & Furniture.

Space planning a small office

Find Furniture that Fits the Office Space

First of all, you need furniture that is the right size for your office space. You might dream of working at a grand executive desk, but a compact desk is likely a better choice. And with all of the stylish options available, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that catches your eye and meets your needs.

As for a chair, you don’t need to go big to get a comfortable, ergonomic seat. A lightweight mobile computer chair can provide the support you need without taking up too much floor space.

Be Smart About Storage & Organization

A compact desk, while practical, may not offer a lot in terms of storage. And when you have a small workplace, staying organized is essential – if files, papers and belongings are everywhere, the space looks cluttered.

A tall, narrow bookcase with open shelving is ideal for storing books and adding a decorative touch, but cabinets with doors or drawers work better for keeping the clutter out of sight. You can also use a desktop or wall-mounted organizer to corral your supplies.

Choose the Optimal Office Layout

The right furniture will go a long way toward making your small workspace feel more comfortable, but the office layout also makes a big difference.

When floor space is at a premium, you need to figure out the best way to fit your furniture. For a productive and appealing work environment, start your space planning by measuring the area and everything you plan to place in it. Then, using graph paper or a computer drawing program, work out the optimal configuration.

Making the most of a small workplace can be a challenge. Working with a professional interior budget comes at a cost – but you can get expert advice for free if you choose an office furniture supplier who offers complimentary office space planning and design services.

If your space-challenged workplace is in Utah or any of the surrounding Intermountain West states, turn to Premier Office Designs & Furniture. A regional industry leader for over a decade, we offer a vast selection of new, used and refurbished office furniture in every price range. And, our expert office space planning service is free of charge with any purchase.

To schedule a consultation with the friendly team at Premier Office Designs & Furniture, or for more details on our office space planning and design services, contact us today.

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