Office Furniture Storage Solutions

Office furniture options for extra storage can help the image and functionality of your business.

When your supplies are well-organized and out of sight, your staff can have access to everything they need to do their job, quickly and easily. Your office will look more organized and professional too, without the clutter that accumulates everywhere when you don’t have enough space.

Office Storage

Choosing the right office furniture storage solutions depends on what you have to store and how you prefer to organize it.

Storage Cabinets & Lockers for the Office

Storage cabinets and lockers feature doors that may or may not provide locking capability. In addition to basic cabinets, this category also includes wardrobes, display cases and credenzas.

Typically made from metal or wood materials, you can select your cabinets in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. You can incorporate this organizational solution in the office mailroom, conference room, kitchen, employee offices and common areas. Locking cabinets are ideal for restricting access to supplies or for allowing employees to secure their own belongings.

For preserving and protecting important documents and records, you can choose from many different types of fireproof, locking storage cabinets.

Office Shelving Units

Shelving units require less space than storage cabinets, simply because you don’t need to allow for the swing of the doors. The drawback is that whatever you store on shelving units is open and visible to everyone.

Shelving ranges from literature organizers, mail sorters, binder storage, bookcases and more. Just like cabinets, you can choose from a wide range of shelving materials, finishes and colors to match your existing office furniture, business color palette and office décor.

You can choose from a number of standard size shelving units to fit your space and meet your storage needs.

Specialty Office Furniture for Storage

Every business has unique storage needs.

For example, architecture, engineering and construction companies have plan storage needs. Practical and affordable storage solutions exist for rolled plans, flat files and hanging plan sets.

Medical offices also have unique records storage needs. Federal privacy laws require a secure approach for storing patient records but, during business hours, many different staff members may require access to these records. Rotary action file systems provide a secure and expandable option for storing patient files.

Whatever your storage needs may be at your business, Premier Office Designs & Furniture has the practical and affordable solutions you need. We provide new, used and refurbished office furniture, cubicles and workstations for companies of all sizes, from some of the best-known commercial furnishings providers. Contact us today to request pricing for your office furniture and storage solutions.

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