Office Furniture Solutions to Get Your Employees Moving

Modern office furniture supports a more active workplace, encouraging employees to get moving more often, while also staying connected and productive.

Office Furniture Solutions to Get Your Employees Moving

The average office worker spends more than five and a half hours seated at the desk every day – and taking a seat for too long can have negative health effects. In today’s world, there’s an increasing demand for office spaces and furnishings that are designed to foster more movement and less sitting.

Here are a few of our favorite office furniture solutions for an active workplace.

Standing Office Desks

Standing desks can get your employees up and out of their seats and increase the amount of time they spend moving. However, since too much standing can lead to as many health issues as prolonged sitting, sit-to-stand desks are considered a more practical choice today. With an easily adjustable height, workers can switch seamlessly between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Treadmill Office Desks

Treadmill desks are a new office furniture trend, and many workers enjoy taking phone calls or reading emails while getting a little exercise. These desks aren’t suited for all-day use, however, and they can be quite large. Consequently, many businesses opt to provide just a few for any employees to use throughout the day.

Height-Adjustable Work Surfaces

If your employees frequently team up on projects, investing in height-adjustable tables and work surfaces may help foster more movement and interaction. Instead of sitting around a conference table or crowding around a desk, team members can stand and move around to collaborate with their coworkers.

Chairs that Promote Healthy Movement

Many workplace tasks are best performed while seated – and many workers end up sitting in chairs that don’t support the spine. Outfitting your office with seating that helps promote proper spinal movement, including ergonomic task and desk chairs, allows employees to maintain a healthy posture. Even better, the comfort of this type of seating can help boost office productivity.

Mobile Office Accessories

Standing desks, height-adjustable work surfaces and ergonomic chairs go a long way toward encouraging employees to move more. That said, mobile accessories are also great for getting workers up out of their seats. In addition to movement-friendly office furniture, many businesses can benefit from investing in Bluetooth headsets and activity trackers.

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With over ten years of expertise in the business interior design industry, our professional team has the skill and knowledge to help you create a more active workplace. And, with every purchase, we include complimentary professional space planning services. For more information, or to get started shopping for your new or used office furniture, contact us today.

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