Office Furniture 101: How to Choose File Cabinets

Does your office furniture provide the storage your employees need? If the desks and tabletops in your workplace are covered in a sea of paperwork, you could probably use a few file cabinets.

Office Furniture 101: How to Choose File Cabinets

When choosing new, used or refurbished filing cabinets, function should be your first consideration, followed closely by quality, style and affordability. These five practical and popular file storage options are some of the most popular among Utah businesses.

Lateral File Cabinets

Lateral file storage is ideal for high-volume workplaces, as this design can hold a substantial number of files. Lateral filing cabinets may have anywhere from two to five drawers and you can choose from various widths and depths.

Vertical File Cabinets

Businesses with little extra floor space often go for vertical file storage. These models can have the same number of drawers as lateral storage units, but the drawers are typically much narrower.

Mobile File Cabinets

Mobile filing cabinets are exceptionally convenient, as they can be easily rolled around to different work areas or tucked away under a work surface. These units typically have two or three drawers and, although lateral models are available, most mobile cabinets are vertical. Many are designed to easily fit under a standard office desk.

Open-Shelf File Cabinets

In narrow office hallways and workplace areas with limited space, open-shelf file storage can be a practical choice. Featuring open fronts and resembling shallow bookcases, these units are often best for highly-accessed files, such as those in dental and medical offices.

Flat-Storage File Cabinets

For workplaces that deal with blueprints, construction drawings, art canvases and other large paper documents, flat-storage units are preferred. With between five and ten flat, shallow drawers, these models organize and protect the documents as they are – so they don’t have to be folded or rolled up.

File Cabinet Features to Consider

Looks matter when choosing office furniture. If your filing cabinets will be hidden away out-of-sight or in a closet, style isn’t as important – but that’s not the case with most business offices. Fortunately, an extensive range of stylish new, used or refurbished file storage options are available.

As you narrow down your office furniture choices, make sure to keep your particular storage needs in mind. You might, for example, need filing cabinets that lock. Or, if you work with sensitive documents, fireproof file storage may be required.

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