Office Cubicles Enter a New Era of Flexibility & Style

Today’s office cubicles and workstations offer a surprising combination of amenities, flexibility and style.

If you have resisted using cubicles in your facility, it may be time to take a look at the reinvented workstation. No longer the soulless place where office workers slog away their days, today’s modular office furnishings are fresh and dynamic – and they offer something for just about everybody.

Office Cubicles

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Office Cubicles

The days of the vast, faceless “cube farm” is over – and not a moment too soon.

Modern office cubicles are (thankfully) free of the industrial drab look and faceless feel that earned them the reputation they have today.

Instead, your options are colorful and modular, flexible and modifiable to suit your company’s needs – today and ten years from now. The designs are modern and adaptable. This gives each employee a degree of freedom to make their workspace work for them.

Office Cubicles Designed for Knowledge Workers

In our current, competitive economy, all of your workers have become knowledge workers – at least to some degree. And knowledge workers need technology.

Today’s office cubicles have on-board tech ports, power supplies and plenty of tools for organizing workstations, printers, scanners and whatever other tools of the trade your staff needs.

And, because no one wants to see all the cords and plugs dangling under their desks, workstations come complete with built-in raceways and clips to tuck the mess out of sight.

Since knowledge workers spend so many hours of the day working at the computer, today’s workstations are designed with ergonomics in mind. This means adjustable heights to accommodate workers of all shapes and sizes and layouts designed to minimize the need for repetitive motion.

Cubicles and Workstations Designed to Enhance Work Flow

Your staff has to juggle the need for communication flow with the ability to focus and concentrate on tasks. This is why flexible workstations provide the ideal solution.

You can choose to have cubicles or workstations that morph from a private pod to an open area for meeting and sharing ideas. Or you can set up stations around the office where teams can gather for an impromptu huddle.

Whether you prefer dedicated workstations or an open seating system, today’s office furnishings are light, flexible and modern while still maintaining a high degree of quality and durability.

Premier Office Designs & Furniture specializes in new, used and refurbished office furniture. We also provide expert installation and refurbishing services. Contact us today to learn more about how you can improve your business environment with today’s office cubicles and workstations.

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