Office Cubicles: Choosing New, Refurbished or Used Workstations

Shopping for office cubicles is no easy task, especially with all of the styles, colors and options available.

Office Cubicles: Choosing New, Refurbished or Used Workstations

The first step in finding the right workstations to outfit your office is deciding whether to purchase new, refurbished or used cubicles. Each has its own advantages, so no single option is the best choice for every business.

So, how to you choose between new, refurbished or used office cubicles and where’s the best place to source your new commercial furnishings?

Advantages of Investing in New Office Cubicles

Brand new workstations visually convey professionalism and company prosperity. Giving prospective clients or customers a sense of the high-quality products and services your business offers may be reason enough to invest in new cubicles.

Buying new workstations also provides you with a wider selection than refurbished or used cubicles. You’ll be able to choose and customize your office furniture to perfectly meet your organization’s needs.

Outfitting your business space with new office cubicles also sends a message of prosperity and stability to your staff, who will undoubtedly appreciate your investment in their comfort and convenience.

Reasons to Choose Refurbished Workstations

For many businesses, brand new workstations can be cost-prohibitive.

For a more cost-effective option, refurbished cubicles are the next best thing to buying new. The pieces are preowned but have been reworked to restore a “like new” condition. For most clients, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between new and refurbished workstations/

Buying refurbished cubicles saves a substantial amount of money compared to purchasing new office furniture. Even better, this option benefits the environment – and showcasing a purchase of eco-friendly workstations in your business literature could provide a marketing advantage. It will also make your environmentally conscious staff members appreciate your commitment to the well-being of our planet.

Why You May Want to Consider Used Office Cubicles

If your office furniture budget is tight, used workstations might be your best bet, as they typically have a lower price point than both new and refurbished cubicles.

With used cubicles, what you see is what you get. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with workstations that have seen better days. Some used office furniture comes in excellent condition, so you can choose used workstations that give your business a put-together, professional look.

This option also allows you to select a more high-end line of commercial furnishings than you might otherwise have the capacity to purchase.

Are you torn between choosing new, refurbished and used office cubicles for your business office or facility? Whether you’re still debating your options or you’re ready to start shopping for workstations, the professionals at Premier Office Designs & Furniture can help you find the perfect cubicles to suit your needs.

Along with an extensive range of workstations, Premier Office Designs & Furniture also offers a vast selection of new, refurbished and used executive desks, desk chairs, lounge seating, collaborative furniture and much, much more. Space planning is included with every purchase, and our experts can also install your workstations for you.

When you’re ready to start shopping for office cubicles for your Utah business, contact Premier Office Designs & Furniture to schedule a professional consultation.

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