Is Refurbished Office Furniture Right for You?

For many companies, refurbished office furniture can solve a variety of facility design challenges, from logistical to financial.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of refurbished commercial furnishings, you might be surprised by how much value it can offer. Unfortunately, not all companies will be able to take advantage of this option but, if you can be a little flexible in your selection, you stand to save hundreds – or thousands – of dollars.

refurbished office furniture

What Is Refurbished Office Furniture?

Think of refurbished furnishings as an advantageous hybrid of new and used products. They are indeed preowned and used; however, the furnishings are upcycled before being sold to you.

Depending on the furnishings, this might include disassembly, cleaning, servicing, reupholstering or refinishing. And, although the items have been previously used, you will take delivery of your refurbished office furniture in “like new” condition.

In fact, your furnishings will truly be as good as new and provide many years of reliable service.

Advantages of Refurbished Office Furnishings

By purchasing refurbished commercial furniture, you will save a substantial percentage as compared to new items. This means you can select exceptional quality upcycled furnishings for about the same price you would pay for entry level or discount lines.

In many cases, you can take delivery of refurbished products much sooner than new furniture. Most manufacturers don’t build commercial furniture until an order is placed. This can mean weeks or months before your products are delivered. Compared to the time required for manufacturing, refurbishing can be completed quickly.

One limitation you may face is scarcity. Because upcycled products are in high demand, you may not have as many design or configuration options to choose from. You may also have to be somewhat flexible on upholstery patterns or colors. But, if you’re willing to be adaptable, you can save significantly on both cost and time.

Choosing refurbished furniture is also an exceptional way to be environmentally conscious. In fact, may business owners are making this choice intentionally, as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Alternatives to Refurbished Commercial Furniture

New office furniture is always an option and will allow you to specify the designs, colors and configurations you want.

You can also select used commercial furniture, typically for a lower cost than refurbished products. However, it won’t have been repaired or upcycled and you’ll face the same logistical challenges. But, like upcycled products, used furniture is also an increasingly popular green choice for outfitting an office space.

For small businesses or those just starting out (or expanding), initial investment costs can put a damper on your plans. But, if you can be a little flexible, you can make your dreams a reality much easier by choosing upcycled commercial furnishings.

Premier Office Design has been Utah’s locally owned office furniture expert since 2005. We carry more than 30 of the best manufacturers’ products and, to provide a full-service experience for our customers, we also offer space planning, future planning and installation. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can benefit from choosing refurbished office furniture for your office or facility.

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