How to Prepare for Your Office Cubicle Installation

If you have an upcoming office cubicle installation on the schedule, you might assume that your commercial office furniture company will be handling all the details. You’re right about that; however, you do have some prep work to do on your end.

Knowing what to expect – and what’s expected of you before the installation team arrives and while they’re at your facility – can help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Prepare for office cubicle installation

What to Do Before Cubicle Installation Day

For a new installation, it’s critical that you provide a totally empty space that’s fully ready to go. If you’re moving into a new facility, all the interior work must be complete. This includes flooring and ceiling installation at a minimum. If the space has been newly painted, the paint must be dry. If your new cubicles have integrated power, data, etc., those systems must also be installed, configured according to the schematics provided by the installers and fully functional.

If you’re having your current commercial furnishings replaced or reconfigured, you must have everything cleared out of the area completely. This means having all items off desktops, drawers emptied and having everything but the furniture itself removed from the area. This includes task chairs, trash cans, plants, etc.

What to Do During the Installation of Office Cubicles

During installation, you won’t have much to do – except staying out of the way. This goes for your staff as well. Employees can’t try using their desks or cubicles once the installation has begun because it’s not safe and it could impede the installation or reconfiguration process.

You or another decision-maker should be present throughout the installation, to answer any questions that may arise. And, if your new commercial furnishings are electrical capabilities, you may also need your electrician and IT specialist to be present, at least for a part of the installation.

What to Do Before You Sign Off on Your Cubicle Installation

Once the installers finish, they will ask you to sign off on the work. Before you do, check to make sure that all components are in the condition you expected and that they are installed per the space plan. Check drawers and other operational elements for correct function. Check the operation of any locking cabinets and drawers and make sure you have keys for all locks.

Make sure the installers have cleaned up after themselves appropriately and removed all trash and debris. If they’re taking away any old furniture, make sure they have removed those items also.

And that’s how simple it is – especially when you work with the professional cubicle installers from Premier Office Designs & Furniture for all your Utah office furnishings needs.

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