Got New Office Furniture? What Should You Do with the Old Stuff?

If you’re considering new office furniture for your Utah facility, there’s one pressing issue you may not have considered. What are you going to do with your old office furniture?

You have several options to choose from, but is one better than another?

The most common questions that business owners have is whether their old office furniture has any value and, if so, what’s the best way to recover that value?

How to dispose of old office furniture in Utah

Selling Your Old Business Furniture

You could try to sell your old furnishings through a Craigslist ad, Offer-Up or a similar source. Unfortunately, you may find few takers – especially if you have cubicles. Any takers you do find will likely only want a piece or two. Selling the entire lot to one buyer is extremely challenging.

You could consign it for auction, but most auction houses say they have little demand for used office furnishings for these same reasons.

Disposing Your Old Cubicles, Desks & Furnishings

You could simply throw your old commercial furnishings away, but this is typically not an attractive option either.

To accomplish this method of disposal, you will likely have to hire a salvage company and pay them to cart the items to the landfill. This is not an expense most business owners want to (or can afford to) incur.

Worse, this is a terrible option for environmental reasons. Old furniture takes up a substantial amount of space in the landfill and the materials are unlikely to degrade for decades.

Recycling Old Office Furniture

The best option for making room for your new office furnishings may be to recycle your old furniture.

Depending on the design and condition, your old office desks, cubicles, furniture and seating can often be refurbished and repurposed for use by schools, nonprofits, startups or community groups. Given new life in this manner, your old items can provide years of reliable use for a deserving recipient.

And, as many companies will come to your facility, disassemble the cubicles and furnishings, and remove it for no cost, you won’t have any added expenses.

Premier Office Designs & Furniture is the leading provider of cubicles and commercial furnishings in the Intermountain West. Our affordable pricing and value-added services have earned us a strong reputation and loyal customer base. We assist our clients with recycling of their used office furniture, reducing the environmental impact and sparing them the expense of haul-off and disposal.

To learn more about how we can assist you with space planning as well as new, gently used and refurbished office furniture for your Utah facility, contact us today.

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