Office Furniture Products

We provide many lines of office furniture to meet the needs of your business.  Whether you need new, gently used, or refurbished furniture our experienced team can help you find what you are looking for.


New Furniture

Need a fresh start?  We have got all the hook ups to the best brands of new office furniture.  Our Designers are here to help you capture the look and feel you want for your new office.  Choose from top brands like Cherryman Industries, Hon, Mayline, and AllSeating.  We can get you anything you need to get your office looking the way you want it.  

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used desk and chair

Used Furniture

Looking for something less expensive but still looks great? Used is for you!  Do not fear that your furniture will look worn or torn, we guarantee our customer gently used furniture that fully functions both mechanically as well as visually.  We want to help you save money as well as meet the visual quality you are hoping for.  

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Refurbished Furniture

Ever Heard the term “As good as new?”  Here at Premier Office Design that phrase actually is true!  Refurbished furniture is a great way to get great looking furniture at a cheaper price than if it were brand new.  If you are looking for something that looks brand new with guaranteed quality, refurbished furniture could be a great option for your business. 

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