Friant Office Furniture

FriantFriant specializes in new cubicle systems that are compatible with original equipment manufacturers’ systems, with pricing that can compete with refurbished systems. Cubicle systems are available in segmented and monolithic designs, to offer customers the greatest level of flexibility.

Cubicles and systems can be customized with any of Friant’s standard fabrics but customers can also select from 10-day and 5-day quick-ship fabrics. Or, if the customer prefers to use their own fabric, the company can facilitate that request in most cases.

Coordinated storage solutions are available, designed for durability, safety, capacity and mobility. Friant also offers a variety of seating options and case goods that are designed to coordinate with cubicle systems or stand alone.

One of Friant’s most progressive product lines is the Verity “benching” system. Benching creates workspaces that encourage collaboration and workflow but also provides individual team members with privacy and the ability to work independently. By eliminating the need to relocate to a conference room, team interaction becomes more fluid and organic – and less disruptive.

For a modular design solution that looks nothing like a traditional cubicle, the Novo system has a sleek, modern design reminiscent of segmented panels. But, to help clients avoid the cost and hassle of installation, the Novo solution ships pre-built from the factory.

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