Choosing Office Reception Furniture: 5 Factors to Consider

As you furnish your business space, be sure to give your office reception furniture careful thought.

First impressions matter, and guests will begin to form opinions about your business as soon as they approach the front desk. Consequently, you need to choose reception area furniture that makes your guests feel welcome and leaves them with a positive image of your business.

What should you look for when shopping for office reception furniture?

How to select reception area furniture

No. 1: Design

The appearance of your reception area furniture is what guests notice first, so good-looking furnishings are essential. An array of styles and colors are available, and the many design choices allow you to create a space that appeals to your business visitors. For the greatest effect, consider the current trends as you shop for office furniture.

No. 2: Practicality

When guests enter an office reception area, they typically head for the front desk to check in. Make sure the desk you choose not only looks welcoming, but also makes it easy to speak with the receptionist. In addition, your front desk should have plenty of room for your receptionist to work as well as storage space to keep the clutter at bay.

No. 3: Durability

Office reception furniture needs to be incredibly durable, as it gets a great deal of use. Look for pieces that are sturdy and built to last – and don’t forget to consider their care. Certain materials are easier to clean than others, and you certainly don’t want furnishings that are a constant headache to maintain.

No. 4: Comfort

Chances are, you’ve had to sit in an office reception area that wasn’t all that comfortable – and you don’t want your business guests don’t have to go through that same experience. No one really enjoys waiting, of course, but your visitors will mind less if they can relax in a comfy seat. To that end, shop for seating options and office furniture made for comfort.

No. 5: Cost

When it comes to purchasing reception area furniture, cost is an important consideration. You likely have a budget to meet, and you don’t want to overspend on business furnishings. Fortunately, many office furniture suppliers offer high-quality new, used and refurbished pieces. So, you can find furniture that meets your needs at a price you can afford.

Optimize Your Office Reception Area

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