6 Smart Office Design Tips for Startups

Office design isn’t always a priority for startups – but it should be.

A startup business needs an office space that impresses investors, attracts new clients and appeals to the employees. The appearance of the workplace can have a significant effect on the long-term success of a new business venture.

Fortunately, with the vast range of used and refurbished office furniture available, even cash-strapped startups can create a well-planned workspace.

Smart Office Design Tips for Startups

Focus on Functionality

Functionality is key to a productive workplace. Since every startup operates differently, and the workplace environment must be considered for an effective office design. Collaborative office furniture and an open layout work well for some businesses, while others need private spaces with individual workstations. For most startups, a mix of openness and privacy makes for a functional design.

Keep it Comfortable

When it comes to office furniture, comfort is essential. If employees can’t work comfortably, their productivity suffers – and they may not even stay with the company for long. Startups should invest in ergonomic desk chairs, workstations with pull-out keyboard trays, adjustable-height work surfaces and plush, supportive lounge seating to keep everyone comfortable throughout the day.

Control the Clutter

Many startups have small business spaces, which means they don’t have the luxury of hiding the workplace clutter behind the scenes. If everything is always out in full view, the workplace needs effective office furniture storage solutions. Lockers, shelving units, file cabinets, wall units and storage credenzas can keep the workplace tidy.

Incorporate Your Brand

Branding is incredibly important for the success of any new business venture. Incorporating a startup’s brand identity into their office design can provide inspiration for employees. Painting the walls or choosing office furniture and décor in the company colors or style can bring branding into the workplace. A startup can also display their business logo on a wall or in subtle ways within the design.

Don’t Forget About Fun

With all the hard work that goes into building a startup, making the business a fun place to be is a must. Cool features like foosball tables, bean bag chairs and arcade machines are always favorites, but adding pops of color in the office design and decorating with memorabilia or interesting accessories can also help boost employee morale.

Seek Advice from an Office Design Expert

Designing a workplace for a startup business can be a challenge. Choosing the right office furniture and planning the layout of the space requires careful consideration. Expert advice can make the process much easier, but startups may not have the budget to consult with a professional interior designer.

The most practical solution is to find an office furniture supplier who offers complimentary space planning and design services. For these services, startups located in Utah and the surrounding Intermountain West states can turn to Premier Office Designs & Furniture.

As a regional industry leader for over a decade, Premier Office Designs & Furniture offers a wide selection of stylish and affordable new, used and refurbished office furniture. And, best of all, expert space planning advice is included free of charge with every purchase. For more information, or to schedule an office design consultation, contact us today.

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