3 Office Design & Furnishings Trends to Watch in 2018

You might think that office design and furnishings trends wouldn’t change much from year to year, but that’s simply not the case today.

3 Office Design & Furnishings Trends to Watch in 2018


Innovations in design and technology have taken over the way we interact with our workplaces and spaces. Commercial furnishings have entered the realm of interactive form and function, providing business owners with a powerful set of tools that can be leveraged to improve company performance.

Over the coming year, watch for these three trends to emerge, helping you improve the way your company approaches its goals and objectives.

No. 1: Increased Flexibility in Office Design & Furnishings

Today, the myriad factors that influence your business are changing at the speed of light. Companies are forced to morph and adapt to changes in the marketplace much more quickly than they had to in the past and, often, this requires changes in how you use your office space or facility.

Because it’s not reasonable or practical to redesign or remodel every year, watch for increased flexibility in both office layout and commercial furnishings design. This trend will help you grow and adapt quickly and easily without having to purchase new furniture or equipment.

No. 2: Driving Performance with Innovative Office Design

If you think of your office or facility like a high-end sports car, you can imagine how superior design and innovative technology can improve performance.

This commercial furnishings trend will put everything your staff needs to excel right at their fingertips. Desks and workstations will become so much more than furniture, including built-in charging ports, innovative storage solutions and flexible configurability that will allow your employees to move seamlessly from task focus to collaboration with minimal effort.

Office design and layout will also evolve, leveraging new research that helps us understand how humans interact with their workplace environment.

No. 3: Office Furnishings that Improve Employee Well-Being & Engagement

Over the past two decades, companies could often leverage technology resources to gain an advantage over their competitors. Today, however, technology has become accessible to almost every organization. Consequently, business owners now find themselves relying on human resources to claim a bigger share of the market.

Happy and engaged employees provide that advantage, by increasing productivity, fostering collaboration, creating knowledge and reducing turnover.

Office design and furnishings can go a long way toward improving your staff’s well-being in the workplace. Ergonomics and physical comfort are requisite, but workstations, storage solutions and collaborative spaces must meet your employees’ needs and expectations to maximize their engagement.

Premier Office Designs & Furniture provides new, used and refurbished commercial furnishings to companies in Utah and throughout the Intermountain West region. As a part of our service, we also offer innovative space planning and design. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use these office design and furnishings trends to your advantage over the coming year.

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